Fruit and Veg – Sorting Activity

Assalaamu alaykum and hey everybody!

You may have already seen my fruit and vegetable flashcards.. this is a little activity to go with it.

It’s a sorting mat, so using the flashcards you want your child to learn the difference between fruits and vegetables.

Laminate it and add it to your activity folder, or simply use it as a mat.


With two players, shuffle the cards.
One player with the fruit cards and the other with the vegetable cards.

Have the players take turns in placing their card in the right category.
When there are two cards on the mat that both begin with the same letter, the first player to notice says “Snap!” and wins those two cards. The player with the most cards at the end, wins.


Download Fruit & Vegetable Sorting Activity

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My name is.. free customised printable activity

Assalaamu alaykum, hey everyone!

This is a free printable for you to add to your child’s learning folder. It’s a fun and engaging way to have them learn how to spell and practice writing their name.

Just fill in the quick form below and I will email you back with the document customised to your childs name, ready for you to print, laminate, and attach velcro to.

I offer two options, option one is as you see my daughters, who is new to learning the alphabet:

I have the letters of her name under each place for her to match to.

Option two, I can make it without letters on the sheet.  Your child can work independantly spelling their name by matching the colours.

Fill in the simple form below with your email and childs name and I will email you back with the customised document 🙂


Free Lowercase Alphabet Flashcards Printable

Assalaamu alaykum! Hey everyone.

Today I have for you a free printable to download. It’s a simple set of lowercase alphabet flashcards without pictures or words, very handy for straightforward memorisation.

I am using these with my two year old daily, we do a quick flash and repeat in the mornings and then games with them afterwards.  Look out for my post on all the fun ways that we use flashcards to maximise learning.

Click here to download.

Enjoy 🙂