Assalaamu alaykum, hey!

Today I’m going to talk about why and how I’m preparing to teach my almost two and a half year old.


She has recently been showing alot of interest in the activities I do with older brother and sister, wanting to participate and repeating everything.  She also mostly goes for the puzzles, sorts her toys when playing and has also been getting bored quite easily. That is her cue that she’s ready to start learning!  Why hold her back? By making it interactive, fun and engaging she’ll have so much fun expanding her skills.


We are going to start with the basics, going over her colours, the alphabet, shapes, related activities and sensory play, etc. I want to give her a headstart in reading, math and Qur’an memorisation.  My other main goal is to help her with her English speech development as we are a bilingual household. All of our daily activities will be play or craft based.

My Inspiration

There are so many home educating mothers with amazing set ups, some of my favourites are Jady A on YouTube, Mamateachesme, and amuslimhomeschool.

Graphic design is one of my hobbies and I love making my own homeschool resources, so expect to see lots uploaded free over the next few months in shaa Allaah.


What age did you start teaching your child?  Or are planning to start? What are some of your favourite resources?