Fruit and Veg – Sorting Activity

Assalaamu alaykum and hey everybody!

You may have already seen my fruit and vegetable flashcards.. this is a little activity to go with it.

It’s a sorting mat, so using the flashcards you want your child to learn the difference between fruits and vegetables.

Laminate it and add it to your activity folder, or simply use it as a mat.


With two players, shuffle the cards.
One player with the fruit cards and the other with the vegetable cards.

Have the players take turns in placing their card in the right category.
When there are two cards on the mat that both begin with the same letter, the first player to notice says “Snap!” and wins those two cards. The player with the most cards at the end, wins.


Download Fruit & Vegetable Sorting Activity

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A-Z of Fruits – Flashcards

Assalaamu alaykum, hey!

Yummm… delicious fresh fruits! Nature is such a beautiful creation. An appreciation that I would like to pass down to my children.

How am I going to do that today? With these fun and simple fruit flashcards. One for each letter of the alphabet!

Download A-Z of Fruits Flashcards

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Lowercase Alphabet Display/Flash Cards – free download

Assalaamu alaykum, hey everyone.

After a long procrastination! (Like, I’ve literally had this in the draft for more than a year), I’m sharing these rainbow coloured lowercase alphabet display cards, for putting up on the wall or just chunky flashcards if you like to use them that way.

I absolutely love these, they bring such fun colour into our class area. 

A colourful display using my rainbow flashcards!

We’ve moved since and put them back up and these are definitely a staple.

Download the Rainbow Alphabet cards

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My name is.. free customised printable activity

Assalaamu alaykum, hey everyone!

This is a free printable for you to add to your child’s learning folder. It’s a fun and engaging way to have them learn how to spell and practice writing their name.

Just fill in the quick form below and I will email you back with the document customised to your childs name, ready for you to print, laminate, and attach velcro to.

I offer two options, option one is as you see my daughters, who is new to learning the alphabet:

I have the letters of her name under each place for her to match to.

Option two, I can make it without letters on the sheet.  Your child can work independantly spelling their name by matching the colours.

Fill in the simple form below with your email and childs name and I will email you back with the customised document 🙂


Preschool Activities Learning Folder

Assalaamu alaykum! Hey 👋

I’m so excited to finally be sharing this preschool learning folder full of activities to help teach your little ones!

This folder is going to be my main resource with teaching my 2 year old.  We’ve already got started with it and she’s picking up so much.  She squeels with excitement everytime she sees me get it out!  I’ve gotten lots of inspiration for this by looking at the many other learning folders available online… and then created this with my own style and idea of activities.


The 15 pages included in this free download:

  • Colourful front cover
  • Basmalah
  • Lowercase alphabet
  • Numbers 1-10
  • First colours
  • First shapes
  • Tangram puzzles – house and boat
  • Counting 1-5 match the number to the quantity
  • Counting 6-10 match the number to the quantity
  • With buttons – Match the quantity to the number 1-5
  • With buttons – Match the quantity to the number 6-10
  • More Colours
  • Animals on the farm
  • Opposites – big and small

The last page is my little tip on how you can use each page in different ways to maximise the learning from it bi idhnillah.


You will need:

  • Paper & printer, ofcourse
  • Laminator and laminating sheets
  • Velcro dots (clear velcro dots are the best but I actually used white and it’s not that bad if you can’t get ahold of the clear ones)
  • Lots of time to cut

My theme for our homeschooling this first half of the year is “Rainbow”, so I’ve incorporated lots of colour.

Here’s my toddler showing me the “big car” on our opposites sheet:

There are many more pages that I’m in the process of making, they will be available seperately organised by subject in shaa Allaah.. so look out for those if you’re wanting to make a FULL folder!


Spelling my name work mat.. click here to find out more and request one for your own childs name!

Download the Preschool Activities Learning Folder.

Download the Pieces to laminate for the Preschool Activities Learning Folder.

I would LOVE to see your child working with their learning folder, so feel free to tag @mama.n.baba on your instagram post.

Enjoy and may Allaah bless all our little ones with righteousness and knowledge and make our homeschooling journeys an easy rewarding path, aameen!